Stingr4y Welcomes PHL into House Marik during your contract

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    • Stingr4y Welcomes PHL into House Marik during your contract


      We are glad you have decided to fight under the Purple Eagle for a short while, and while you are here, I will be doing my best to keep everybody coordinated with the general direction with House Marik.

      I will also respect your decisions on your feelings with House Kurita. It was well known there was a heated war for a short time between our two factions, and most of it was fueled by just a few angry trollers on both sides. The borders have since cooled off, and will hopefully continue to be cool while Kurita focuses on the Clans.

      We also want to make sure we give your company the most active fronts so your unit can have a ton of fun while we are here. As of right now, here is the current direction with House Marik:

      Priority: We have switched our fronts to House Steiner (only because they have been active on our border, and we are returning the favor with fun games with them.
      Secondary: Davion is also something we can put some effort into, but they are not as active on our borders, and therefore we only fight them if there is nobody else to fight.
      Clan front defense: We continue to fight in FRR defense, but we also will choose ANY front that will be needing our forces, regardless of the faction.
      Non-Agression Pact: We have still held up our side of the NAP with Liao. Please do not pay any attention to Liao ghost dropping on some of our planets on their northen border. They just want to move up further north, and we are going to allow that. They do not care if they are ghost drops.

      If anybody would like to jump into our server during your contract with House Marik, here is the app to get your permissions and info for our Server:

      If you have any issues, please let me know on this site, MWO forums or our own site

      Welcome to House Marik. The bacon here is delicious.
    • Hi Stringray,

      thank you for contacting us and also thank you for the respect of our Kuritan history - a part of the Legion's Merc history that we are still very proud of. The "closing of the wormhole" which we participated in was a fierce battle on many planets between our forces and we valued Marik units for the many fair and interesting fights we fought on Altair, Dieron and other planets.

      We also want to make sure we give your company the most active fronts so your unit can have a ton of fun while we are here.

      That is in our best interest and we are looking forward to it!

      We accept the assigned priorities as follows:
      1st: Steiner-Front
      2nd: Davion-Front
      Clan-Front as needed and active

      As a contact officer, I have already registered and filled in the needed application form at .

      See you on the battlefield, for the Legion


    • Steiner seems to be putting a lot of guys into our border. The games are fun and friendly. They seem to have an influx in numbers, and we are winning all the games against them, but they have just a tad bit more in numbers.

      Again, thanks for all your work with Marik. Orders still stand with Priority with Steiner, some action with Davion if there is promise of action. And defend clans with best potential matches.

      Still cooling off with Kurita as long as we can. If they do strike, we can call to action.

      Good luck, PHL. After some more planets are taken, House Marik will begin to pack up another shipment of spiced Space Bacon.